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can we just take a moment to imagine little cute nine-year-old hermione reading matilda

and peering into this book about a smart, bookish girl who could move things with her mind

and then can you imagine her concentrating very hard on the books on the bookshelf and slowly, slowly, getting them to move


Sometimes I get huffy about tumblr but then I see that 260,000 people got the same kind of chills I did reading this…

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Mozzarella does her best impression of a sausage.

I just love how after he asks if it’s a sausage, it looks down like “oh shit! I am a sausage :o”

"Are you a sausage?"
"*cats looks down and back up* yah"

My cat is more internet famous than me at this point


A full and complete collection of every song and audio used in the Space Mountain attraction in the Disney Parks around the world.

Track Listing in Chronological Order
1. WDW Space Mountain: Entrance Music 0:00
2. WDW Space Mountain: Star Tunnel Music 4:07
3.WDW Space Mountain: “RCA: Here’s to the Future” Exit Ramp 8:51
3. WDW Space Mountain: “Music Makers” Exit Ramp 16:53
4. DLR Space Mountain: 1977 Com Chat 19:32
5. DLR Space Mountain: 1996 music 26:52
6. DLRP Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon 30:40
7. DLR Space Mountain: 2005 Com Chat 33:10
8. DLR/TDLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: 2005 music 40:28
9. DLRP Space Mountain: Mission 2 43:51
10. WDW Space Mountain: Exit Music 46:01
11. DLR Space Mountain: Rockin’ Space Mountain 51:36
12. DLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy 54:26
13. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 On Board Audio 57:20
14. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 Exit music 59:58

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

J.K. Rowling (via kushandwizdom)


"You stopped a live one today, honey. I’m an international cougar!"


"You stopped a live one today, honey. I’m an international cougar!"